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Our Flyline Product

Flyline Solar UPS

Murickens Group introduced Solar UPS in the brand name of Flyline.This system produces power without interruption. Mainly two types of Uniterupted Power Supply(UPS) available.They are: Flyline online UPS and Flyline Offline UPS.UPS is more efficient compared to inverter. This system the electric backup to the appliances without delay and fluctuation.Today we can not imagine a world without electricity. We get electrical energy mainly from hydro,thermal and nuclear energy. We have power shortage or the cost to produce these energies is very high. Alternate source of electrical energy is available from solar and wind .Murickens group foresaw this electrical energy shortage problem and manufactured solar UPs and proved success in kerala market. We developed different kinds of solar products for every day use ,solar ups is one which works with the help of sunlight , Photovoltaic cell and flyline solar ups , solar cells converting sun energy (sunlight, including sun ultra violet radiation) directly into electricity. Commonly we use solar offline ups, it is a specially designed solar system to reduce power consumption and save the money ,which is MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor ) It protects corruption of valuable data, interruption in web access, component failure, errors and shutdown of computers, drive & system crashes or any other damage due to power problems. It save money and save nation.

Salient Features of Flyline solar Offline Ups:

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